Sanding Machine

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Our Drywall Sander gives you 800 W of sanding power in a lightweight unit with a telescopic span of 1.8 m. The articulated head enables you to reach corners and difficult angles effortlessly.

This durable sander features:

� A white light that allows you to monitor the smoothness of the surface you are sanding.

� Variable speed control that ranges from 800 to 1700 RPM

� A long static-dissipating vacuum hose to remove potentially harmful dust.

� Hook-and- loop straps for easy handling

� Quick Connections to strap an external vacuum.

Technical Specifications:

Power 800 W
Rotating Speed 800 – 1700 RPM
Grinding pad diameter 215 mm
Sandpaper diameter 225 mm
Vacuum Tube diameter 32 mm
Weight 4.2 kg


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